Why Should You Take Occupational Health And Safety Seriously?

Why Should You Take Occupational Health And Safety Seriously?

As a business owner there are a multitude of things on your mind. While some of these things are in your top priority list, some others in the low priority list. What goes into the top priority, urgent and important list changes from person to person. A lot of internal and external factors depend on this as well. Occupational health and safety is something that is not in your urgent, important and priority list. This may, most definitely be, one of those things that you procrastinate day after day. But, did you know that occupational health and safety, while being required by some regulatory and labor bodies, is also tied to how effectively your employees work? Well, if you didn’t, you are in for a big surprise. Here are some reasons why you should pay a lot of attention to occupational health and safety.

It saves costs

You may not believe this right off the bat, but investing in occupational health and safety can save you a lot of potential damage. Health and safety issues can bite you back in a variety of ways. If you are an organization that uses a lot of machinery, there is always that risk of someone meeting with an accident. Even if you are not too concerned about occupational health and safety, there might be claims made against you. These claims can take up a lot of money and time, and sometimes even damage your reputation. Investing in a system like OHSAS 18001 can help you to reduce the risk of such claims and if the risk becomes an issues, it provides independent training and would save you a lot of costs.

Increases bargaining power

Implementing occupational health and safety measure and being certified for it also increases your bargaining power with your customers. Many customers today don’t only look at operations and the services that you provide to them. In order to be able to provide services continuously, you need to have a stead workforce. By ensuring that they workforce gets a healthy and safe environment to work in, you are assuring your client of the stability of your organization and its ability to provide a continuous service. So the next time your quality assurance department proposes to conduct a ConSASS audit, consider providing funds for it. You will definitely use it as a brownie point in future.

Increases efficiency

Taking health and safety of your employees seriously means that your popularity with your employees is going to skyrocket. Because of this boost in morale and the sense of security that this provides, your employees are going to put their heart and soul into their work. This in turn, not only increases efficiency of the employee, but also the overall atmosphere of the company.