Tips For Shifting Homes

Tips For Shifting Homes

Moving homes is no easy task, but from time to time, due to various reasons, we are made to do so. Be it moving to collage, moving away once you are married, a new job in a different city, an illness, moving to the suburb with kids, there are a lot of elements which need to be taken into consideration. Here are a few tips we compiled for you as a checklist for when you decide to move into a new place next.

Clean up while you pack

We all collect things from time to time and as time passes, we forget of its existence and simply carry on dumping things over it. Moving houses is a great way of getting down to the deep depths of clutter in the house and more importantly, getting rid of it. There are clothes you have never worn or things that you have never used. Instead of taking them with you to the new house, get rid of it all. Quality home moving services are expensive!

So instead of moving everything from one place to the other and deciding you do not need it after all, clean up while you pack and save space and money from your moving company in Indonesia.

Number all Boxes

Another thing we all tend to do is to pack everything and then forget what went where. Especially when moving houses with kids, you are bound to have a lot more boxes and bags so make sure to number or name them as you pack and seal them off. Once the actual moving is done you are bound to take a few days to unpack and rearrange everything and having a horde of boxes is a mess enough without a horde of opened boxes with stuff spilling out. Keep the most essential items close at hand and in one or two boxes and mark the others according to type or in order of priority.

Start Unpacking from one Corner

Unpacking is as hard as or harder than packing itself. Once you are in your new house, start unpacking from one end of the house and move to the others. It is advised to start from the kitchen as this is a room you would want to use as soon as possible, maybe to not cook a full meal but to prepare a snack or pour a cup of tea. Next move on to the bedrooms and later on to the sitting and dining rooms. Letting the kids redecorate their own rooms will leave a more off your plate while keeping them busy. You can do the final tidying up once they go to bed.