The Debate About The Ethical Issues About Killing And Eating Animals

The Debate About The Ethical Issues About Killing And Eating Animals

It is no secret that all the vegetarians openly condemn the people eating shredded meat or any kind of animals and its products. The blue cross appear on behalf of animals to sae them from abuse and other illegal, unwanted scenarios concerning animals. This is the pity scene were humans are concerned about animals not getting hurt ot abused but many women till today are being abused by their family members. There are thousands of kids dying too the fact that they are underprivileges and have many issues like hunger, illiterates, etc. It is sad to find human beings are ready to voice their opinions for the animals while they are looking to the abusede ad vicitimised persons to speak for themsleves.

Now coming back to the issue at hand, concerning the killing and eating of animals. We do not have much food choices regarding the food we can eat. If we give up on meat and all diets will depend on plants and animals, which will make a huge dent in the floral kingdom in maintaining ecosystems. Therefore, it is better to eat both plants and animals. Next important point lies on the possibility of preservation. You can preserve any kind of meat. Many famous ancients like the traditional Bak Kwa in Singapore and several other dishes are considered as a good source of protein enrichment even until now. 

However, there are places in which it states that plant eaters are found to be intelligent than animal eaters are. This might be due to several facts that they are calm. Research had proved that the animal’s eaters are more violent than the plant eaters. This might be because of the fact that we are what we eat. This statement is susceptible to question and rigorous research. It can be questioned whether plant eaters can grow muscles as huge as animal eater.

It might be considered wrong to kill another living being that has blood and eat them. However, the real question here is, “are not plant living things too?” It can be seen that plants just because they do not possess the ability to locomote, they are forgotten that they are living beings too. It can be seen that people are not seeing whether the plants are living beings too. On a closer look, plants are more useful to us than the animals. It may sound easy to kill plants and eat them but the real thing is plants are more needed on earth than animals. It is a good example that animals are like another human beings but plants have magic in themselves. Moreover, in name of hunger man had started to feast on man (cannibals). Therefore it is better to be more considerate about feeding people with hunger and not letting people die to hunger than to sit and have a debate on which to eat! End of the day we are all selfish beings and we are going to do whatever needed to survive on planet earth.

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