Single Parent Assistance

Single Parent Assistance

The most common statement believed by many is that the only way for children to gain full emotional and behavioural support is to be raised by both the mother and the father. One may argue on this differently by pointing out the fact that children who are raised by a single parent are more emotionally stable as they were grown up in a background where they lack economic security and adequate time with parents. This topic is debatable; however the real issue is to see if these single parents and children are in safe hands.

A single parent has to work on a full time basis to be able to afford both the child’s and their needs. In such a situation she or he lacks family time and the child might be neglected and ignored. It is with great pleasure to state that in almost every country the governments have understood the phases single parents have to go through and they have brought up thousands of federal and state programs, such as scholarship and tuition assistance, career training and job placement help, help with day care expenses and preschool reviews and help with overdue bills and credit cards and so on.

The hardest part of single parenting is when you have a toddler is to take care of them. When the single parent is a busy body she/he lacks time to be with their child and look after them. This is one reason why day care centres or in other words preschools are made. While the parents are at work these bodies supervise and take care of children usually of ages six weeks to the age of thirteen. It is the responsibility of the parent/parents to seek a preschool review and overlook if their child are in a safe background. Day care centres must also play a role in giving support especially to single parents as they have to go through a lot financially, socially as well as mentally.

Parenting is a very hard job in compared to any other. For married parents there is at least another partner to discuss their issues with unlike a single parent. Therefore a single parent needs encouragement from friends and family to forget all the grey areas in life. Some single parents are also giving the choice of visiting a counsellor once a week to gain strength mentally. There are laws set in favour of the single parents and they provide assistance and benefits, for example one spouse may pay maintenance to their child and family if the other spouse is not economically stable and so on.

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