Ship Wiring Vs. Home Wiring

Ship Wiring Vs. Home Wiring

For most of us wiring and anything to do with electricity are difficult subjects. However, it is worthwhile to know at least the basics if we want to avoid being fooled by the contractors when we employ them. Most contractors will definitely take measures to inform you what is best but in the end you will be the one making the decision.

The main thing you need to know is that there are different types of wires and cables that are used for different purposes. The wires you use for the house may not be suitable for an automobile or a boat and vice versa.

Ship wiring

Ships and boats travel on waters and, therefore, the specifications of the wires used for telecommunication and specially to distribute electricity are different from that used in other places. A marine cable has a defined set of attributes to make it suitable for use in a ship or a boat as they travel on water and there is an increased probability of corrosion.

Thus, this type of wires needs to be more durable and larger than that used in homes and other establishments on land.

In general, they have more strands to better handle the vibrations and shock that result from the travelling and each strand has a tin coating to protect the copper from corrosion. Moreover, they have specially rated insulation to better assist the distribution of electricity with minimal loss by resisting oil, moisture and heat.

In addition to the wire itself, the connections at the terminals should also be extra tight to ensure that the connectors will not break easily and the wire will be exposed to the harsh environmental conditions.

Home wiring

This is the most common form of wiring and what we come across every day. Home wiring does not need all the precautions we discussed about ship wiring as the environmental factors are quite different and the home is not travelling anywhere. The simple copper wires we see are the ones that are used but keep in mind that the type of the wire may depend on the application.

Another difference is the mode of earthing of the wires. A best circuit breaker supplier Singapore would be able to assist you in understanding the concept of earthing.

Due to the special considerations that are applicable to vessels travelling in waters, the wires that are explicitly designed for ships and boats are a bit more expensive than the other normal wires you come across but the loss you have to face by installing the wrong kind would be much greater than the initial cost of the wires.