Is Empowerment Of Games – A Physical Awareness For Fitness Or A Business Technique?

Is Empowerment Of Games – A Physical Awareness For Fitness Or A Business Technique?

This is certainly a entriguing question and we were certainly puzzled to find an answer for this mystery. There is a defintitely a link to physical fitness and the sports or games. But, the question lies on the fact whether it is used as a facade to use as a business technique or publicity.

There are several thousand fans for people like Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni, Kohil who are famous cricket players from India, there are foot ball players like Messi and Neymar from Argentina team, Christiano Ronaldo from Real Margrid and one and only David Beckham. There are literally so many fans for them who does not even play football. There are literally so many girls who are drooling over them and they are the dream boy for several thousnd people. Are the girls going to use the products they used? No! It might confuse you about where is the marketting in this? But, certainly there is a huge marketting invoved in these types of things.

If you go to a hair cutting saloons, you will find there are haircuts of the famous people like we had listed above. Then, you will find these players using shoes and things from famous companies. Apart from this, there is certain marketting when they use these famous people in the advertisements of these products. If some famous athlete like Usain Bolt uses a certain type of orthotic insoles done by certified clinical specialists, all his fans and lovers would try to get that certain brand when need arises.

There are certain kinds of people who specialize to become a sports podiatrist in Singapore, who are like doctors who specialized in physiotherapy but they assess the damage to the sport men’s body immediately and give first aid to the person as soon as possible. They are paid well and it is basically one of the jobs which arose like a public resource (PR) person for famous people.The sports and games are not just a symbol of fitness, they are just made use of like a instrument to direct people to a certain type of commodities. It is a pity state where several thousands of people are just fallin prey to. It is definitely important to make sure that these kinds of priming and associative learning should be banned from using to manipulate people.

The famous people should also understand that their fans are like their own family. It should be noted that famous Indian ex cricket player Sachin Tendulkar never played or posed for slcholoic items since he understood the meaning of not exploiting the fans. Whereas people like Donald Trump would just live for themselves and would never care for the other people in the world (unless they are hot females).

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