Exterior Furnishings: A Guide To Choosing The Right Material

Exterior Furnishings: A Guide To Choosing The Right Material

When it comes to furnishing the exterior of your home, one of the biggest questions you might have is how to choose the right kind of material. Read on to find that question answered so that you won’t waste any more time in doubt;

A Wooden Finish or a Metallic Glow?

The frame of any type of furniture should be fashioned out of a hardy and resilient material. This is especially true for items of furniture that will be placed outside, which will be more exposed to sunlight, water, oil and dirt. Any outdoor furniture specialist in Singapore would recommend that you select furniture made out of metals such as wrought iron and aluminium as opposed to wooden items. However, if the wood is one that has extra resistance capabilities such as teak, then it is alright to have wooden items outdoors as well. You can also go for a more modern type of material that has been specially developed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as Polywood or high-density fiber. Items made out of these materials may cost a little extra, but will be much more suitable and safe for outdoor use.

How Much Fabric and What Types?

Using fabric in exterior furnishings might be a risky move, but given the right kind of fabric, the furniture can look classy and feel more comfortable. Nothing like a soft comfy cushion to sink into, is there? Also, when it comes to dining furniture, it would make sense to have the chair seats cushioned for added support and comfort. That being said, it is important to decide how much fabric exactly you want on the furniture. It will not be necessary to have a fully fabric sofa or daybed outdoors as you would prefer to have indoors. Fabric and cushioning used only in areas such as the arm and seat would be sufficient to fulfil the comfort requirement. At the same time, even this reduced amount of cushion and fabric should be a weather resistant material such as Quick Dry Foam (QDF) and fabrics that have received finishing treatments to withstand heat and liquids as well as to preserve the colour of the fabric by preventing fading, such as Sunbrella.

Is Wicker the Way to Go?

A lot of modern exterior furnishing items are designed out of wicker, mainly because it is a very sturdy material. This is a good quality to possess for any piece of furniture that is to be placed outdoors because they are more exposed to heat, moisture, dust and dirt and therefore more prone to damage and depreciation. For this reason, most experts recommend buying wicker furniture for outdoor furnishing. This too, the hand woven type of wicker is preferred over the machine woven wicker as the probability of expansion due to weather conditions such as sunlight and contraction due to rain is seen less in hand woven wicker. Wicker also gives furniture a more stylish and elegant finish.

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