Choosing The Right Grooming Hair Products

Choosing The Right Grooming Hair Products

When you were a kid all you wanted to do was play all day and didn’t care whether your hair had dirt in it. As you grow older you realise that your appearance is says a lot about you. The way you maintain your mane will illustrate how well your carry yourself with confidence. When you watch red carpet events, have you notice how male celebrities have their hairdo groomed so well? To have well-groomed hair is not rocket science. There are many products for men to prime their hair. 

Caution: it’s strongly recommended that you use globally or locally known products. If you want to look your best you must use best haircare products.

Knowing where a product has been manufactured is important. If the ingredients are not mentioned or there is no description about the product we advise you to not buy haircare products online unless it is a known brand. 


Hair styler is also known as pomade. The purpose of using pomade is when you need the product to medium to high hold along with a shine. Pomade is best used on damp hair after a shower. Pomade is perfect for gentlemen with short or medium locks.

Dry shampoo

Washing your hair every day is not wise as it takes away the natural oils that keep your hair healthy. Dry shampoo is the best solution for this. It adsorb excessive oils at the roots of your hair. It will also add some bulk. But don’t forget to wash your mane to avoid dirt being built up. 


Low shine and medium hold can be achieved by using wax on dry hair. This product works the best for shorter locks.


Have you seen some gentlemen who have their cemented on to their head? This happens when you use a drugstore’s gel. Use a lighter gel on a fully dried mane that will keep it in place and in addition, does not block your follicles.


Medium and longer hair grooming styles can be obtained by using cream with a little shine. Your locks should be towel dried when applying cream. Your groomed look will healthy and planned.


Applying fiber to clean and dry hair will give you a look where your mane is held tight in place with a matte finish. Men with short or medium and messy hair will benefit by using fiber.


An illusion of volume can be created using hairspray and lock your style in place. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a heavy hairspray which will flatten your hair out. 

A special weapon

Products such as hanz de fuko’s special hair weapon – a clay-wax mix will give a silky and matte appearance. The messiest and unruly hair can be tamed with them.

Using the correct product to groom yourself can make you look lousy or a classy gentleman regarding the type of hair you have. Time to turn yourself around and look good.