A Guide To Predicting Tarot Cards – Guidance For Beginner Readers

A Guide To Predicting Tarot Cards – Guidance For Beginner Readers

If you’re pursuing a career in interpreting a set of cards, which others might consider insignificant, you’ve come to the right page. In fact, there are many ways that are used to predict an individual’s future, life, paths and much more. Some of these include palm reading, psychic powers (intuition), tarot read and others. Of these options tarot read is field that has been in practiced for many years. In fact, it could be dated back before 1300’s as well. Over the years the symbols in the traditional pack have changed, which you should know about. Therefore, the first step of learning this intuitive interpreting science is studying the roots of it. With that, you should continue to enhance your knowledge about the basics such as;

– Symbols of the 78 cards of the four suits
– Spreads of the deck, etc.

You need to master this skill in order to be able to qualify yourself as a reader. It also relies on your strong intuition and understanding of the fundamentals involved in tarot read. Therefore, not everyone is able to predict the means accurately. Given that, here is a simple guide to assist beginners who are considering entering this field:

a. Pick a deck of tarot cards that is appropriate to the cultural setting, taste and your appeal. You need to feel comfortable with the cards and the vibes. Therefore, accurate tarot reading in Singapore involves intuition coupled with understanding about the fundamentals listed above.

b. You should setup a good ambience to get into the mood for interpreting the deck. Therefore, make is calm, pleasant with candles, spiritual music, etc. Also meditation is said to be another good way of enhancing your understanding and widening the insight regarding the interpretations.

c. Next you could do the shuffling yourself or get the client to shuffle and cut the deck of cards. Moreover, the cards should be laid on a spacious table so that the selection would be easier. Therefore, it wouldn’t look cramped up, which affects the choice of card selected and your interpretation.

d. There are different spreads for placing the cards, which you should be aware of. These spreads serve as a purpose for predicting the cards the client has drawn. Therefore, be familiar with the following spreads Calendar, Celtic cross, Tree of Life, Horoscope.

e. The accurate tarot reading also requires some spreads to be interpreted based on a important factor such as the birth sign, which is then related with other demographics. Thereafter the predictions would be made in connection with these characteristics.

f. Lastly, taking all of the above into consideration, make the correct interpretation depending on the Minor or Major arcana.

So, if you’re a beginner of tarot read, this simple guide would be helpful in identifying and understanding the various stages involved. You need to understand that every tarot read is unique and isn’t alike. Therefore, master the skills required to become a good reader with this and other resources.