How To Comfort Someone Who Is Grieving The Loss Of A Loved One?

How To Comfort Someone Who Is Grieving The Loss Of A Loved One?

Losing a loved one is the hardest experience in anybody’s life. It could be a family member like a parent, child or a sibling, a partner or a friend. The thought of never being able to make new memories with them is devastating. If you know someone who is going through such an experience, you would want to comfort them and the following ways may help you to do so.

Simply be there.

Grief belongs to the person who is experiencing it and your role is to support this person. So the best thing to do is to show up and be there for them. You may simply have to listen. Do not advise them on how you think they should handle grief or tell them what they are doing is wrong. Just listen to them and let them handle it in their own way. You should acknowledge the situation, express your concern and ask them how they feel. Be honest about the current situation as much as possible and help them to grasp reality. If you are abroad or away, unable to physically be there, consider sending a condolence flower delivery to show that you are thinking of them.

Help out.

There are many things that needs to be done during the planning of a funeral which the bereavement may not be able to do due to grief. They may include tasks such as casket shopping, mortuary visits or order flowers online in Singapore. Even after the funeral, you may need to help them with taking care of themselves. Making meals, washing dishes, cleaning up the house and garden, handling bills may be a few extra ways that you can help them out. Offer help in these practical ways so that they do not need worrying about their responsibilities.

Check up on them.

Emotions experienced during such a time such as profound sadness, anger, loneliness can be so extreme that depression may set in. Therefore, make sure to check up on them regularly, notice any symptoms and signs of depression such as lack of interest, loss of appetite, feelings of hopelessness, or suicidal thoughts and if there’s any, encourage them to seek professional advice. You can also offer to take them out for a meal, a movie or accompany them to a support group meeting.

Death is inevitable, thus we will all lose the ones we love. Everyone grieves in their own way and there’s no right or wrong way to do so. All we can do is help someone who is grieving to get through the experience with our love and compassion.