How To Throw The Best Company Christmas Party

How To Throw The Best Company Christmas Party

A survey conducted by Challenger, Grey and Christmas, Inc. on corporate employee behavior has shown that almost all employees of any given organization are ready to get their party face on during the holiday season which dawns after a dozen months of hard work. Employers too have realized the importance of giving an opportunity for the workforce to let loose at least once a year,  and the corporate budget allocation for holiday parties has significantly increased over the past few years. If you are an employer who wants to throw the best company holiday party in town, here are a few tips to help you out.

Set the date

Picking a date for a party, during the holiday season is tricky, because everyone is busy with family commitments and shopping excursions, and they might not have a minute to spare. Let them know about the party as early as possible, and get to know a date and a time that fits the schedule of the majority. Holding the party during office hours is an excellent solution to avoid competing with your employees’ holiday obligations towards external parties.


Turn the venue into a “winter wonderland” by investing the proper amount of time and effort on decorations as the atmosphere is what will keep the crowd pleased. You don’t necessarily have to spend a huge amount of money on the decorations. Simply transforming the surrounding to a festive environment that all the employees can enjoy, irrespective of their race or religion is enough. Provide them with door gifts before they leave, so they’ll have a souvenir to cherish the event for the rest of their lives.


Good food and good drinks is a crucial aspect for any great celebration. In addition to these, organize a bunch of fun filled activities such as raffle draws, games, and prizes to keep the spirits of the guests high. If you are planning to give away rewards for these activities, be sure to make them something that your employees value. As a cooperate body, it would be fitting to reward them with customized pens that they will find useful in serving your very organization in a more productive manner. And wait till the end of the event to draw the prizes as this gives incentive for the guests to remain till the very end.

Pick the right venue

If you hold the celebration at a place far away from the office on a workday, it might discourage certain individuals to attend because of traffic, time constraints or simply because they are too tired. Try to choose a venue close by, all the while, giving priority to the size of the crowd, catering and bar facilities.  Better yet, if your office premises itself is capable of hosting the event, why look any further?  Plus, this will eliminate any venue related costs, which you can allocate for decorations or refreshments.

The Journey Of Your Customer

The Journey Of Your Customer

As customers, people demand a lot from those providing products and services to them. Because they have very expectations when it comes to their favorite stores and brands. It’s because they think that these people will always be delivering only the best of the best to the customers. It can be tough when you go to think about how you can continue to live up to these expectations. When time goes on, and every time you come up with something new and exciting, they always turn around and demand for more. On some occasions you are left wondering what else can be done from your end. What more can be done from your end. Since they are the people who run the show when it comes to the success story of a business, then it’s up to us to ensure that we continue to deliver, with every demand they have.

Then there is also something you should know about a customer’s journey. Which is that a customer’s journey with a store and brand occurs in two worlds, when it comes to modern day practices. Since they now have an experience in both the physical world and the digital world so to speak, with their favorite stores and brands. For most people it has become very important that this two experience occurs. While brick and mortar stores are still up and running, a whole heap of communication and interaction occurs in the digital world, whether it be through a good website design or through social media or via email. As long as there is some form of interaction.

What people want to is to interact with the product and their companies. They want instant information and they want to find what they are looking for at their fingertips. This is what the businesses of today should be looking to deliver when it comes to making their customers happy. So it becomes vital that they hire a good web design company in Singapore to get a good job done, on all of their digital needs. Without having your business up and about in the digital world you are going to be missing out on the opportunity to attract a large number of customers who are only going to be living off the digital experiences they have. And when you can’t reach out to them, then it’s a loss on your end for sure.

So make sure you can give your customer a wonderful taste of both worlds, the physical and the digital, so that you can continue to write your success story.